Exploring Szczecin’s Nature Trails

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Szczecin is a green city surrounded by forests. There are thousands of kilometers of official, marked nature trails for walking, biking and even horse riding and kayaking! Exploring these trails is great way to get some exercise, commune with nature and get to know another side of our beautiful city! Even though most of the trails are adequately marked, it is not recommended for beginners to embark on a trail without a guide.

COST: 200 PLN per hour

I will lead you on a walk through the areas below. Each part takes about an hour and there are pit stops and public transportation at the beginning and end of each.

1. The Golden Trail leads through the city center and highlights some of Szczecin’s  most important monuments.

2. Kasprowicza Park. This part of the walk highlights our beautiful city park with beautiful landscaping, art, an amphitheater and rose garden.

3. Into the Wild. Following the trail into the forest I will show you how our extensive trail system works and lead you to the ruins of Quistorp Tower.

4. Active Szczecin. I will show you how people in Szczecin relax by going even deeper into the active resources available to the public in Szczecin. We will pass the new Arkonka water park, Lake Goplana and other “wild” swimming holes, we will pass through an evergreen forest which smells fantastic and we will emerge by Lake Głębokie.

Along the way we will hear the singing of hundreds of species of birds see a ton of trees and plants and might even see some wild life.

I will arrange a professional trail guide who is familiar with all the nooks and crannies (and canyons) of the trails. He or she will ensure that we will not get lost so that the rest of us can enjoy and have fun!

HOW IT WORKS: You will tell me either the amount of time or distance that you would like to walk and I will arrange the best trail for us to walk with the trail guide. Note that there will not be pit stops (like restaurants, bathrooms, etc) along the way. You will need to bring water, snack and other provisions you will need during the walk.

please email me at gostettin@gmail.com for more info



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