Only Kebab – The Best Fast Food in Szczecin

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Only Kebab is the best fast food joint in Szczecin!  They have two locations and both offer fresh and delicious food and quick polite service.

When you walk into Only Kebab the first thing you notice is that it’s very clean. When you walk up to the counter you see the salads and sauces look like they were made 5 minutes ago. Perhaps they were; because Only Kebab is very popular and there are always people there so I imagine the food must be very fresh because they are using a lot of it!

THE FOOD!  OK the food is great! They are very generous with the portions and the food is seasoned perfectly. They also pay attention to the presentation of your food. It always looks very good!

The service is great! If you want to change your french fries for more salad it’s no problem! You don’t like onions? You won’t get any! And the people who work there are very nice! Sometimes they joke with you and you can always feel positive energy there.


The best thing for me is that there is a great vegetarian option at this place! In fact, if you look closely, the falafel plate is VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE!!!!!  :O  (WOW!!!)  As I said, if you don’t want fries, you can change it for more salad, but you don’t have to worry about the fryer because they don’t put any meat in there! Only fries and falafel!!! YAYEE!!!!

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al. Wyzwolenia 44   AND  Krzywoustego 57 (Plac Kosciuszki)
AND! Coming in May 2016! al. Wyzwolenia 17 (Plac Rodła)  Congrats ONLY!!!
Two very small Cons… The only thing that I don’t like about Only Kebab is that you have to give your receipt from the cashier to the cook. In my opinion there should be a better system for this. If they can’t afford to buy a computer system that will display the orders on a tablet, then the cashier should pass the receipt to the cooks herself, in order, of course.
The other annoying thing is that when you order to go they charge you an extra 1PLN. I don’t think they should do that.

Hi. Are you an English speaking foreigner in Szczecin?! Would you like some free food? Great! Then I would like to take you out to eat!
Just write me an email at and tell me the following:
1. your name and where you are from
2. what brings you to Szczecin and how long you will be here
3. either your top 3 places you want to go eat (in Szczecin, of course) -or- You can let me choose! 🙂

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