Top 5 Best Ice Cream Shops in Szczecin

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Summer’s in full swing and there are new ice cream shops popping up all over Szczecin!
Here are my top five ice cream shops in Szczecin! Enjoy!!!


#1 Gelatiamo (Koński Kierat 17)
Every time I’ve been here there has been a line out the door. I like this place because they offer a lot of flavors, classic and crazy and the portions are generous.


#2 Lody Marczak (ul. Rayskiego 25 and ul. Piłsudskiego 25)
Great ice cream and great service. What more could you want? I like the new location on Rayskiego because you can see them making the ice cream through the window.


#3 Castellari (ul. Tuwima 27 and Al. Jana Pawła II 43)
For most Szczecinianins Castellari is synonymous with great ice cream! With multiple locations in the city, you will never be disappointed at Castellari!


#4 Fabryka Lodów (Śląska 4)
Handmade ice cream with different flavors every day. This place is more than a hole in the wall, it’s a cool place to hang out!


#5 Giovanni Volpe (ul. Tkacka 64D)
This place has a great atmosphere and most importantly great ice cream! They offer a variety of gluten free desserts.



This beautiful ice cream dessert is from Cafe Castellari on Tuwima St. (Kasprowicza Park)


Vegan Chocolate and Banana Strawberry Sorbet from Fabryka Lodów! YUM!


Hi. Are you an English speaking foreigner in Szczecin?! Would you like some free food? Great! Then I would like to take you out to eat!
Just write me an email at and tell me the following:
1. your name and where you are from
2. what brings you to Szczecin and how long you will be here
3. either your top 3 places you want to go eat (in Szczecin, of course) -or- ” Spin the wheel, Kami !” (you let me choose)

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