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My Mom at Zamek Restaurant
My Mom at Zamek Restaurant
Price (Value for Money)
Service (Polish Standard)
Service (American Standard)

I went to Zamek Restaurant with my mom to see what all the hype was about. She saw the restaurant in Prestiż magazine and decided she wanted to try it out.

What can I say… There is nothing specific I can complain about. We were greeted at the door with a smile and kindly thanked and invited back when we left, but beside that, our visit was not very memorable.

The place was very nice, mostly clean and the food was obviously prepared by a chef who knows his way around the kitchen. The portions were generous, the presentation very good. The menu was in three languages including English and German.

The service was professional, substituting potato puree for cauliflower puree was not a problem.
However, for the American standard, the service was sober and lacking personality*. In my opinion, when a server doesn’t smile and interact with their guests, it takes points away from not only the service category, but from the atmosphere category as well.

Panieńska 15

*This is, perhaps, too much to ask when dining in a foreign country, and I always add my opinion with a caveat that I am describing places through the lens of my American expectations. Most restaurants in Poland do not train their servers to smile and interact with the guests, but to simply take orders and generally stay out of the way. When you meet a server that smiles, it’s usually a reflection of their own, warm personality rather than the training they received, if any.



Hi. Are you an English speaking foreigner in Szczecin?! Would you like some free food? Great! Then I would like to take you out to eat!
Just write me an email at and tell me the following:
1. your name and where you are from
2. what brings you to Szczecin and how long you will be here
3. either your top 3 places you want to go eat (in Szczecin, of course) -or- ” Spin the wheel, Kami !” (you let me choose)

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