One very unique way of shopping in Szczecin is to go to a thrift store (second hand) where you pay for the clothes by weight!

That’s right! Usually these shops have a delivery once a week and on the first day the clothes are the most expensive. The price goes down every day until the next delivery day, and so on.

Bargain hunters in Szczecin have different strategies. At certain shops the ladies are crowded outside before the store opens on “the first day”. Sometimes they find designer clothes for a fraction of their value! Other ladies wait till the cheapest day when they sift through what’s left and buy tons of clothes for pennies. Either way, if you like second hand clothes, you can’t lose.

I have found some real gems this way. If you’re into the flea market, vintage, second hand vibe then this way of shopping will blow your mind!

Address: EVERYWHERE! Look for “Na Wagę”

HOW IT WORKS: (see photo below)
For each day of the week, there is a different price per kilo. Usually Wednesday (sroda) is the most expensive and gets cheaper and cheaper everyday as the people go through the clothes.


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