Marciniak Artistic Family in Szczecin

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I have been a fan of Waldemar Marciniak for a long time. I remember seeing his ceramic creations in various art galleries around Szczecin when I used to visit the city many years ago.

After moving back to Szczecin I began seeing Mr Marciniak nearly every time there was a festival around town. His ceramic pieces are quite recognizable. He creates figures including people and animals that are characteristically endearing with a touch of humor. Mr Marciniak is quite prolific and depending on what inspires him at any given moment, you can find whole families of fish, birds cats and other animals as well as dishes and cups decorated with flowers and tons of other creative objects that Mr Marciniak dreams up on a regular basis.

The last time I saw Mr Marciniak I asked where I could see some of his larger pieces. I was surprised when he gave me a business card to a flower shop. It turns out that his wife is a well-known artist in Szczecin as well! Monika Dłużyk-Marciniak is a very successful florist who is often commissioned by the city and many local businesses to make floral arrangements for various occasions.

When you walk into the family shop called “Under the Yellow Rose,” you can’t help but smile because the ceramic pieces and the flowers live together in a very beautiful composition as the artistic family seems to as well. Mr and Mrs Marciniak’s children also work in the shop and add a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

If you are looking for a unique present while you are in Szczecin, I would recommend you visit this lovely place where I’m sure you will find something special for a very reasonable price.
A note of advice: Take a taxi because this place might be a little difficult to find. Enjoy!

Address: ul Cyryla i Metodego 9b
Hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm, Sat 10am – 3pm

Mr. Marciniak’s work outside the Stara Rzeznia Building on  the Lasztownia shore.




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