Radecki Szczecin



Price (Value for Money)
Service (Polish Standard)
Service (American Standard)

Radecki is a great restaurant in Szczecin. There is a really lovely patio to to eat in when weather permits. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. The food is fresh and very well prepared.

Prices were average for a nicer restaurant. Definitely worth the money. You can see the chef really put in an effort to get all the details right, not only in taste but in presentation as well.

I recommend this place! Enjoy the patio while you still can!

Address:    Tkacka 12
Hours:        Mon – Sat 12pm – 12am,  Sunday 12pm – 10pm



Hi. Are you an English speaking foreigner in Szczecin?! Would you like some free food? Great! Then I would like to take you out to eat!
Just write me an email at gostettin@gmail.com and tell me the following:
1. your name and where you are from
2. what brings you to Szczecin and how long you will be here
3. either your top 3 places you want to go eat (in Szczecin, of course) -or- You can let me choose! 🙂

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