Sunday Swap Meet in Szczecin

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Flea Market, Swap Meet or junk yard. Call it what you want. I’m from California so it’s a swap meet. I love to look at old stuff, find a treasure in a heap of junk and then haggle with the seller to get a good deal. Over the years I have had many different collections from clocks to teapots and currently, vases. I used to travel to Germany to find a proper swap meet but after nearly three years of living in Szczecin I found out there’s a great one not too far from here.

Like most swap meets, you should show up early because the sellers begin to pack stuff up in the early afternoon. You can find sellers of all kinds. From people who set up their booths in a neat and organized way to others who float around their mountains of junk and you’re not sure what belongs to who. (That’s how I like it!)

The place itself is an old building called “the house factory” where they used to make the huge concrete slabs used to build “blocks” during the Soviet era. It’s on the right side of the river, about a 15 minute drive from the city center or 30 minutes by bus.

HOURS: Sunday 7am-3pm

ADDRESS: Szosa Stargardzka 20-22, Szczecin

If you are driving in it’s 5PLN per car
If you are walking in it’s 3PLN per person

Happy Hunting!

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