Szczecin Street Food Sampler

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Szczecin Street Food

One of the best places you can go to try some local street food is in this tunnel – slash – passageway near Brama Portowa (the old Port Gate). In here you will find the trifecta of glycemic spiking deliciousness: Pasztecik, Zapiekanki and Pączki.

Starting with Pasztecik this is a Szczecin specialty. A savory doughnut that’s curiously addictive.

Zapiekanki are pizza-like snacks made with toppings melted in an oven on fresh bread. I have tried the ones in this tunnel and they are amazing!

The last in the irresistible trio are Pączki. This is a Polish filled doughnut. The difference with the ones you can get in this tunnel is that they are served fresh and still hot! You can choose from a variety of flavors including cherry, custard, cheese, chocolate and more!

But wait, there’s more!

This tunnel also serves Gofry! Gofry are waffles served with different kinds of toppings like whipped cream and fruit or chocolate syrup… yummy!

In conclusion, if you are watching your weight, I don’t recommend an afternoon sampling the food in here. However, if you want to try some great Polish street food, look no further than this tunnel of delight! But be prepared for a hardcore food coma after!

Address: Brama Portowa 4




Hi. Are you an English speaking foreigner in Szczecin?! Would you like some free food? Great! Then I would like to take you out to eat!
Just write me an email at and tell me the following:
1. your name and where you are from
2. what brings you to Szczecin and how long you will be here
3. either your top 3 places you want to go eat (in Szczecin, of course) -or- ” Spin the wheel, Kami !” (you let me choose)

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