Tantalizing Tokyo Sushi

California Dragon Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll
California Dragon Roll (bottom) and Spicy Tuna Roll

Price (Value for Money)
Service (Polish Standard)
Service (American Standard)

First of all my waiter was a model. I don’t usually pay attention to people’s appearance but this guy was so good looking it was difficult to maintain eye contact with him. AND he was excellent at his job. As you know, I have very high standards and service is extremely important to me so I wouldn’t give someone undeserved credit just because they were charming.

OK so having established that Tokyo Sushi’n’grill offers superior service, let’s get to the food. There are so many tantalizing and beautiful dishes to choose from that I will have to go back there very soon to sample some more! On the day I was there I  had a craving for miso soup and a Caterpillar Roll. I couldn’t find the Caterpillar Roll on the menu so I described it to my attentive waiter and he told me that it’s called a California Dragon Roll on their menu. Fine. I ordered that and a Spicy Tuna Roll.

Bottom Line:
Tokyo Sushi’n’grill is the best sushi restaurant in Szczecin. The food is excellent, presentation is beautiful, there is a relaxing atmosphere and the service is great. I highly recommend this place!

One more thing about price. My dining experience wasn’t too expensive at Tokyo. I paid 70PLN for the best miso I’ve had in Europe, two big rolls and a pot of delicious tea. That’s less than $20 and I think it’s a great deal. Maybe that’s too expensive for the average Polish worker but at Tokyo, you get what you pay for!  I will be reviewing some of the new sushi places that have been popping up like mushrooms lately but I don’t expect any of them to beat this place.

Address:      Rynek Sienny 3  (New Old Town)
Hours:          1 – 11pm everyday

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