To Be a Woman in Szczecin (Shopping)

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UPDATE!!!!  Unfortunately this shop has been CLOSED.  🙁   I  hope there might be another one like it in Szczecin in the future.


Być Kobietą (To Be a Woman) is a one of my favorite shops in Szczecin. There is always something new to choose from and in between the new trendy stuff there are good quality (and cheap!) second hand items mixed in. Everything has a hand picked feeling and the owner has a great eye for trendy clothes that will look good for more than just one season.
I’m not sure where she gets the new stuff, perhaps at some kind of overstock place, because most of the new clothes are really inexpensive. Here and there are some more expensive items but even those are worth it! This shop has stuff that you won’t see anywhere else!

Upstairs there is a vintage area with hand picked clothes in all styles and sizes. You can find something from the 50s through the 80s and everything in between. There is also a discount area upstairs where you can find items for pennies!
The service is very nice. One of the girls dresses up like a Betty Page pin up and the others are hipster types and they speak English!
If you are like me and you like second hand clothes, this shop gives you the feeling of discovering something great without wasting too much time digging through endless racks of clothes! Enjoy!


HOURS: 10am – 6pm
ADDRESS: Corner of Krzywoustego and Królowej Jadwigi Streets
(Across from Green Way and Columbus Coffee, near to Helios Cinema)


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